Our leadership team

Our leadership team hold a wealth of experience in education and are supported by an amazing group of professionals including teachers, administrative and support staff.

Kyle Thompson

"Learning is all about connection, not curriculum. It's about people, relationships and helping our boys and girls to take their place in the world."
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Richard Dobrenov

Deputy Principal / Head of Senior School
"A great school is a supportive community; a group of people who can relate with, contribute to and draw from the broader community within which they exist."
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Amy Woodgate

Head of Junior and Middle Schools
"Each student is unique and brings with them their own strengths, talents and experiences."
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Mark Richards

Director of learning and innovation
"The key to learning something new? Breaking down ideas, being tenacious in the face of failure and enjoying the learning process."
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Peter Wilson

Director of Co-Curricular Activities
"Co-curricular is so much more than sport, it’s about connecting with community, serving others, pursuing new interests and equipping kids with healthy habits for life."
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Andrew Millard

Business manager
"What I love most about my role is the variety it offers and the opportunity to work within a learning environment with people who are passionate about what they do."
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Derek Naughten

Head of people and culture
"Our culture reflects our regional setting; it’s driven by a strong sense of community and belonging.”
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You’ll find our staff regularly featured in our video series. Here, we invite you to meet Amy Woodgate and Richard Dobrenov.