Middle School: Years 6 to 8


As boys and girls enter Middle School their sense of self expands. They begin to seek and explore different perspectives, to question and investigate wider issues. It’s here where students begin to find their own voice, own their viewpoints and discover their place in the world.

Middle School represents a time of significant change as students transition from childhood to adolescence, growing in independence. During this stage of their development, we seek to expand minds, build critical thinking and 21st century learning skills while developing more fully their character strengths.

Growing independence

Our program supports a seamless transition across the Middle School years and is aligned with developmental needs. Students move from having a core classroom teacher who supports and nurtures all aspects of their learning and wellbeing in Year 6, to a model in Years 7 and 8 that sees a gradual release of responsibility, with students guided and supported as they progress towards their senior schooling years.

Relationships and wellbeing

We know positive peer connections are key to learning and growth – particularly at this age. Building positive connections with students – and helping them to do the same with their peers – forms an important part of our approach.

Targeted wellbeing programs equip students with the skills and tools needed to develop socially and navigate the physical and emotional changes that come with adolescence. Guided conversations combined with individual and group activities, help our boys and girls to navigate this stage of their development and become more mindful of themselves and others.

Helping children transition

Whether it’s new or continuing students, Year 7 represents a significant transition point. Not only does it constitute the first ‘official’ year of high school in Queensland, children will experience significant developmental changes too.

Our Transition Program is designed to help children navigate this period and promote a positive transition experience. At SCOTS PGC, beyond an initial program that runs over the course of the first two weeks of school, we treat the transition as an ongoing process with each student supported as they enter the next phase of their education.

The purpose of our Transition Program is to help students –

  • Establish a sense of belonging and community
  • Foster positive connections with their peers
  • Identify their strengths, interests, learning styles and goals
  • Understand the College’s values
  • Develop familiarity with the College campus, routines and expectations
  • Get to know staff and ways to access support

Activities like orienteering, team games, and challenges and goal-setting sessions help students to form meaningful connections with staff and their peers whilst preparing them for the journey ahead.

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