Often referred to as a ‘home away from home’, at SCOTS PGC we prefer to think of boarding as an extension of family. While boarding will never replace home, we pride ourselves on providing an environment that reflects and cultivates the values our families hold.

We know all our families – from those living in remote outback communities, to those who call bustling international cities home – are united in their desire to find a school that suits the needs of their children, encourages them to follow their ambitions and helps them to develop the personal qualities they will need as 21st century global citizens.

We also know that starting boarding school is a big change in a young person’s life and we understand what it means to be away from home. Our residential staff may be educators, but they’re often parents too. The experience of our staff and in many cases, these dual perspectives, enable us to deliver an exceptional education, and at the same time, the care and nurture young people need to succeed.

A co-educational experience

Boarding forms a rich part of our heritage that stretches back over a century. Today, as in the past, our boarders continue to enrich the heart and soul of our College and we’re proud to offer families a co-educational experience that enables brothers and sisters to stay connected during the schooling journey.

Make yourself at home

The College has separate boarding campuses for boys and girls that offer a safe and secure space for them to learn, mature and grow.

The Locke Street campus is the home of girl boarders and hosts a number of heritage-listed buildings that have been stylishly renovated. It is a short five-minute bus-ride from the main College campus.

Boys board at the Oxenham Street campus. Senior boarders enjoy an architecturally designed boarding house, built in 2015, adjacent to our sports center, while Junior boarders enjoy a peaceful outlook over the Condamine River and nearby farmlands.

Students can make themselves at home with their own air-conditioned room, complete with a bed, study desk, storage and the freedom to decorate. The light, space and fresh air that abound in our boarding precincts reflect our rural heritage while our commitment to country values helps to develop a united community with a shared vision of excellence for the future.

Meet our Directors of Boarding

Our boarding community is supported by a team of highly experienced staff who have a passion for making the boarding house feel as close to ‘home’ as possible. Each member of the boarding team also holds an academic position at the College, which allows them to play an active role, beyond residential life, in the academic development and pastoral care of boarders.

David Marriott

Director of Boys' Boarding
“Boarding at SCOTS PGC College has a long and valuable history. I look forward to adding to that and making a positive contribution in many ways to the lives of the young men in Hawkins House”
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Stewart Bailey

Assistant to the Director of Boys' Boarding
"Boarding is an incredible opportunity and an experience which should be enjoyed - not endured. For me, boarding is not just a job - I see these boys as my extended family"
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Amy Woodgate

Director of Girls' Boarding and Head of Middle School
"Each student is unique and brings with them their own strengths, talents and experiences."
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