Early Years: Prep to Year 2

instill a love for learning

Driven by a sense of wonder, young learners are wired to explore. It’s at this age that they learn to fall in love with learning and it’s why our program is focused on fuelling their natural thirst for discovery.

When it comes to improving learning outcomes and giving children the head start they need, we believe this is the most important thing we can do.

Building a foundation, championing curiosity

Specialist educators draw on a range of age-appropriate strategies to maximise student learning and engagement. At this stage of the journey, focus is given to building a strong foundation for future learning. Both curiosity and challenge are championed and our program aims to sustain a real love of learning.

Each individual at the heart of our approach

In the Early Years, we take the time to understand how each child learns and how we can best support them as they grow and develop. Tailoring our approach to individual needs is one of the most important things we can do in preparing learners for the journey ahead.

Kids learn best in a supportive environment

We know early learners thrive in an environment that nurtures their individuality and supports their emotional development. Our focus on wellbeing sees us explicitly and implicitly teach children how to manage their emotions, equipping them with the tools they need to be happy, compassionate and tenacious learners capable of overcoming challenge and forging positive relationships.


Learning should be fun!

In the Early Years it’s all about sparking interest and inspiring imaginations and we believe learning occurs everywhere. That’s why beyond a strong focus on fundamentals – literacy, numeracy, thinking and communication skills – our program nurtures an enthusiasm for learning outside of the classroom.

Our boys and girls engage in specialist subjects and regularly take part in outdoor activities and excursions. Our Prep students also enjoy daily music lessons as part of our Music Everyday program – an initiative designed to build a lifelong love of music and strengthen foundational skills like literacy and numeracy.

Purpose built for active minds and busy bodies

We know young learners are not only inquisitive, they like to move a lot. That’s why our facilities are purpose built for active minds and busy bodies. Early Years’ students enjoy their own dedicated precinct with modern classrooms, outdoor play facilities and flexible learning spaces.

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