What makes our school special

A place where kids can find and follow their own path

At SCOTS PGC College, we help our boys and girls to find their passion and fulfill their potential. Regardless of the pathway they choose to pursue, what’s important to us is that we’re able to support them as they journey towards their future.

A belief that we needn’t be one type of school, over another, means we hold all pathways in high regard. It’s why you’ll find some of our students achieving exceptional results in the academic arena, some excelling in school-based apprenticeships or traineeships and others completing a qualification to get them workplace ready.


Future ready

The world hasn’t just changed. It’s constantly changing. So how then do we prepare young people for the future?

At SCOTS PGC, our guiding philosophy is simple – we prepare them for the road ahead by helping them to become good people of great character. Why? While new world capabilities like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are valuable and critically important, when it comes to educating the whole child, imparting skills is only one part of the story.

It’s why we place value on an educational experience that nurtures heads and hearts.

Great teachers who understand kids

Research has shown that quality teaching is one of the most important factors in the education equation.

Put simply, teachers make the difference and we’re proud of ours.

Great teachers know how to engage, challenge and inspire. They know each child and how they’re tracking. They expect great things, and at the same time, create a safe space for students to learn from mistakes. Most importantly they build strong relationships based on trust and authenticity and when they do all this, we know our learners thrive.

Uniquely Regional Experiences

SCOTS is a place where kids can think and do; and it’s a place where hands-on learning is encouraged and valued – our Agricultural and Equestrian programs are great examples of this. These offerings not only reflect the interests of many of our country kids, they provide opportunities for those living in metropolitan areas or further abroad to discover new worlds and enjoy uniquely regional experiences.


A values based education, that’s great value

We are a small school built on genuine relationships. Our size enables us to provide a supportive environment, personalised learning experiences and quality care.

At SCOTS PGC we pride ourselves on providing an education of great value that represents great value too. The depth and breadth of our program and holistic offering makes our College one of the most affordable independent schools – for day students and boarding families – in the region.