Residential life

Care and wellbeing

We believe all learning is relational and when it comes to residential life in particular, connection counts.

That’s why much of what we do in boarding is about creating an environment built on empathy, care and understanding. Our Directors of Boarding and dedicated on-site residential staff work together with students to foster a sense of spirit and unity. Whether it’s a structured program or more of an informal gathering, it’s about providing our boarders with opportunities to genuinely collaborate and connect.

To help build a strong and supportive network between boarders, students are paired with their peers. From sharing a meal together to a chat before bed, it’s often the small things that make a big difference.

Importantly, we also believe that we are ‘one school’ and in addition to fostering unity across our boarding cohort, we help our boarders to develop strong connections with day students and take their place in our wider school community.

Health and nutrition

At SCOTS PGC, we place great importance on the health of our students and our dietitian prepares nutritious meals for students and boarders throughout the day.

A home for learning

Just as they would at home, learning continues for our boarders after the school day has ended. Our staff work closely with students to help nurture their academic development and ensure they reach their full potential. Residential staff are on-hand to assist boarders each night with homework and study commitments, while academic staff provide further subject support throughout the year.

An immersive experience

Beyond the College’s co-curricular program, boarders enjoy a variety of organised events and excursions. From camping and socials, to restaurant nights and arts days, through to watching a rugby game at Suncorp or soaking up the sun at Gold Coast theme parks, the College provides an extensive weekend program.

We also encourage student-led activities and boarders often suggest and run activities together with their peers.