Junior School: Years 3 to 5


In Junior School, our boys and girls continue to discover more about themselves and we continue to build the foundation for learning, strengthening their understanding of the world around them as we go.

Diverse experiences, diverse learners

Beyond a strong focus on fundamentals, a love for learning outside the classroom is nurtured during these years. We recognise that learning occurs everywhere and diverse experiences help students to begin to discover what they enjoy doing and what they’re good at.

Exploring new ideas

As boys and girls dive deeper into their learning, they’re challenged to explore different ideas and follow their curiosity. Students are given the confidence to take learning risks and we build strong connections and nurture wellbeing to help them do this.

Supported, extended, inspired

We know that all learners, learn differently and that establishing a strong foundation in the Junior School years is essential to future success. College staff, including expert classroom teachers and our learning support team of teachers and educational assistants, support and extend our Junior School students in line with their individual needs, interests and capabilities.

Knowing our boys and girls is key – understanding the whole child, academically, physically, creatively and emotionally allows our students to be guided and nurtured in their learning. Each student in Years 3 – 5 experiences a musical instrument to enhance their learning opportunities.

Our Co-Curricular Program also provides young learners with opportunities to engage in a well-rounded education.

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Junior School Curriculum