Regional tours

We love visiting our families and regional boarding heartlands.

We see great value in better understanding where our boarders come from and each year the College schedules in a number of visits to connect with communities and provide families, who may be considering boarding, with an opportunity to get to know us.

It’s why you’ll find many of our staff on the road – be it our Principal, Deputy Principal, Heads of Boarding or boarding support staff – at various points throughout the year.

We know choosing a boarding school is a big decision, so for us, showing up in regional communities is all about making it easier for parents to meet our team, have a chat, ask us questions and to get a greater feel for our school.

Upcoming regional tours

We are hitting the road in 2022 and stopping over for a catch up in our boarding hometowns across regional Queensland and New South Wales.

We’d love to meet up with as many of our community members as possible, so if you’re a past, present or prospective student please come and share a meal with us!

Register your interest on the form so we’re able to connect prior to our arrival and provide more specific details regarding our catch up locations and venues.

SCOTS PGC on tour

Hear from the Rhode family in the Narribri Shire and our Principal, Kyle Thompson, on why visiting the regions is so important.