At SCOTS PGC we view teaching and wellbeing alongside each other. We know real growth and learning occurs when these two worlds intersect and connect.

Every day, through our actions and our interactions, we seek to create supportive and meaningful relationships across our school; a genuine sense of connection. Pastoral care, just like learning, often occurs in ordinary moments. But when it comes to building social and emotional intelligence, a deliberate approach is needed too.

We know life, at times, can be challenging and complex for young people. Making friends, navigating change, managing conflict and finding their place in the world won’t always feel easy.

That’s why we have a dedicated Prep to Year 12 Wellbeing program to educate, inform and encourage conversation around those all-important and sometimes tough topics.

Making time for wellbeing

Over the course of each year, weekly lessons exploring four central themes, allow students to actively ‘work on wellbeing’. These include:

  1. Organisation, resilience and character values
  2. Cybersafety and relationships
  3. Peers and body image
  4. Health and wellbeing

Each is designed to help them better understand themselves, better understand others and foster those life skills and character strengths needed to navigate the journey that is growing up.

Our program draws on leading resources and evidence-based practices from across the world to help students foster skills like resilience, empathy, confidence and mindfulness.
We also provide all our parents with access to SchoolTV – a wellbeing platform featuring Dr Michael Carr-Gregg that provides fact-based information around raising safe, happy and resilient young people.

Connection between learning and wellbeing

In addition to tracking academic progress, we also provide pastoral feedback with mid and end of year reports. Using our values as a frame, we explore how character strengths are developing. This supports our belief that learning and wellbeing are fundamental to each other.