"Forming positive, respectful relationships with students and their families is key to success in schools."

Blake Fatouros

Director of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

M.Ed. (LM), B.H.Sc. (PDHPE), B.Ed. (PDHPE & Dance), Cert IV in Workplace Assessment, Cert III Live Prod. & Tech. Serv

Blake has a passion for creating innovative and engaging learning experiences that promote quality teaching both in and out of the classroom. He has experience in education leadership roles at MLC School, the NSW Educational Standards Authority, and the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Blake’s approaches to teaching and learning are underpinned by the strong theoretical understanding he gained through completing a Master of Education (Leadership and Management) in 2021.

Blake is a strong advocate for learning that extends beyond the classroom. He believes as educators, we have a responsibility to support our young people to become positive, active, and engaged global citizens, and offer more than just academic knowledge and qualifications. His commitment to the holistic development of students is demonstrated through the extensive experience he gained designing a teaching and learning framework to support the valuable learning that takes place outside of the traditional classroom setting. During his 20-year teaching career, he has led arts programs, co-curricular programs, partnerships with Round Square schools, and interdisciplinary units, while working extensively in the pastoral care space. He prioritises programs that are characterised by a strong student voice and parent/carer inclusion. Forming positive, respectful relationships with students and their families is key to success in schools.

With a passion for the Creative Arts, Blake has experience choreographing, directing, and producing musical, dance productions, and eisteddfod items. He has success at state and national levels placing at numerous competitions including Rock Eisteddfod Challenge, Cheerleading Competitions, and the Wakakirri Story Dance events.