Years 9 to 12


A time for deep learning, personal discovery and considering the future, in Senior School, we challenge our boys and girls to reach their potential by showing them what’s possible.

Real-world ready

Our Senior School program seeks to prepare students for a constantly changing world. We ready our boys and girls for tomorrow by instilling in them the courage to question and contribute. A broad curriculum and diverse experiences help students to identify passions and strengths and provide pathways to university, TAFE and the workforce.


At SCOTS PGC we help our boys and girls to ‘become’ by providing opportunities that help them to find and fulfil their potential. Elective subjects in Year 9 allow students to explore areas of interest, with further choice granted in Year 10 and important conversations around the future commencing at this time.

Making pathways possible

Regardless of the pathway our students choose to pursue, what’s important to us is that we’re able to support them as they journey toward their future. In Senior School, we take the time to truly understand the goals and aspirations of each student and how we can best support them pastorally and academically to achieve and excel in their pathway of choice.

Staff work collaboratively with students – and their parents or carers – to map out a clear way forward with initiatives like career interviews, surveys and experience days, helping students to better understand the direction they’d like to pursue as they consider subject selections for Years 11 and 12.

Senior Years

In Years 11 and 12 students can opt to pursue a tertiary or VET pathway or a combination of both.

Learning to lead

Learning how to serve others forms an important part of our approach in Senior School. Service and leadership opportunities help students to see the world – and their role within it – differently. And while some may be selected for formal positions, such as Prefect or Captain, all are encouraged to lead from ‘where they are’.

Our Year 12 cohort in particular play a significant role in fostering a strong and cohesive student culture. Each year, a theme is developed by the Prefect group, to foster understanding, spirit and unity across the entire cohort.

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