Our approach

Active minds need activity. That’s why we offer more than 25 co-curricular activities and encourage our students to participate in as many as possible.

Whether it’s a sport, activity, club, band or service initiative, these experiences play an incredibly important role in a child’s development. It’s here where potential is often unleashed, confidence is gained, grit is grown, and passions are discovered over time. It’s why we believe that getting kids to ‘move and do’ is perhaps one of the simplest but most powerful ways we can support them in their learning and their character development.


Building physical literacy

Building a strong physical literacy and helping our students to develop healthy habits for life is a big part of our approach.

Physical literacy is best explained by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) as …”building the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give us the confidence and motivation to move throughout our lives.”

We build it at SCOTS PGC by –

  • Creating positive physical activity experiences for our early learners
  • Encouraging students to ‘get and stay active’
  • Providing a year-round training program that gives senior students access to our gym and a specific schedule to help them develop and improve physical fitness
  • Promoting an active lifestyle and sharing the benefits of healthy living