Building the Betty Crombie Middle School

In 2024 we’re going big and our vision is bold. We’re honouring past generations as we look to the next. We’re celebrating those who have made today possible and in that same spirit, recognising the role we can all play in paving the path for tomorrow.

We’re building buildings, but really we’re building brighter futures. And we’re calling on our community to help co-create this next chapter, because we know that when we come together we’re capable of achieving great things.

Here, you’ll find information on our Middle School redevelopment and how you can show your support. Importantly, it’s also a space where we’ll be shining a light on the generous spirit that sits at the heart of our school.

The backstory

Learn more about our plans for the future and Betty Crombie’s inspirational story here:

Shining light: the stories that shape us