Spiritual life

At SCOTS PGC, we encourage each child to explore faith and what it means to them.

Developing the whole child is core to our approach and when it comes to learning about spirituality, we focus on how it relates to every day life. The College’s values of Spirit, Tenacity, Authenticity, Excellence and Respect help to guide our discussions and the personal growth of our students.

As a Uniting Church School, all families from all backgrounds and faiths are welcome in our community.

We believe Christian values are best learned through storytelling and real life experience and at SCOTS PGC, we offer these teachings through Religious Education lessons and Chapel Worship services.

Religious Education lessons

Our program enables students to understand world religions, question theories and construct their own views. Religious Education (RE) is not about promoting one particular faith over another, but more about encouraging students to explore spirituality and develop their beliefs. Students from Prep to Year 6 take part in one RE lesson each fortnight.


Junior, Middle and Senior School Chapel services are held each week. Separate services ensure we can share stories and theologies that are appropriate and relevant. Sermons are fun and engaging and focused on bringing our College values to life through stories, experiences and Christian teachings.



Meet our Chaplain – Rev. Willie Liebenberg

Reverend Willie Liebenberg is an Ordained Minister of the Uniting Church and has been practicing ministry for more than 25 years. Originally from South Africa, Rev Willie and his family relocated to Australia in 2015 to take up his posting at SCOTS PGC as the College Chaplain.

After preaching for 20 years at various churches throughout South Africa, Rev Willie thoroughly enjoys being part of the SCOTS PGC community. “For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing young people thrive. As a Chaplain, it’s not just about teaching religion, it’s about bringing value to young people’s lives – teaching them how to love, how to be part of a community and how to be a good person.”

Rev Willie is available to all students and staff for personal support and care or for anyone wishing to explore questions around spirituality.