Our development

We’re excited to share our vision for the Betty Crombie Middle School.

Our plans reflect our commitment to providing our boys and girls with an exceptional education and are in keeping with who we are and what’s important to us – remaining a regional school with wide, open spaces.

Why the Middle School?

In the last three years alone, our Middle School has grown significantly, by more than 30% in fact. And, with growth comes the need for growth too.

As part of our master planning process, the Middle School was identified as our first priority project. Adopting a strategic and sequential approach has been central to our thinking and at the heart of our decision making remains our boys and girls.

We’ve always been – and intentionally so – a Junior, Middle and Senior School because we know it directly benefits our students. It means our program is tailored, and responsive, and reflective of the different needs of learners as they journey through the years.

The Betty Crombie Middle School will:
Construction will commence in 2024 and occur across two stages.