Cattle and Sheep Club

Our Cattle and Sheep Clubs are popular activities with students competing in regional and metropolitan events including the Royal Queensland Show (EKKA), Farmfest, and other selected agricultural shows.

Cattle Club

Our Cattle Club is a great way for boys and girls from Year 7 upwards to immerse in the world of cattle showing. From breaking in cattle to washing, clipping, grooming, parading and judging, students learn to do it all.

The College is home to a small Angus beef cattle stud. This, combined with excellent facilities and significant space, means students can complete all of these activities on-site.

Sheep Club

Our Sheep Club operates similarly to its cattle counterpart. Boys and girls exhibit sheep from the SCOTS Texel stud – established in 1999 – at a range of local, regional and the Royal Queensland Show (EKKA).

At each show, we typically compete with one to three other Texel breeders and then, with any champions, subsequently compete for the inter-breed championship.

Sheep Club is a popular co-curricular activity that sees students from Year 5 upwards gather at the sheep yards every Wednesday afternoon to learn more about:

  • Weighing stock and monitoring growth
  • Husbandry operations such as drenching, hoof paring, tail docking and ear tagging
  • Show preparation (breaking in and training young sheep to lead and stand)
  • Parading techniques and judging processes