Building Fund

A gift to the building fund will help the College to realise its master plan and provide an exceptional environment for students, staff and our wider community to learn, connect and grow.

The College is currently developing a new Master Plan which encompasses exciting plans for future projects including new Middle School buildings alongside refurbishment of historic buildings including School House and DeConlay. All of these projects are aligned with College’s Master Plan and are vital to ensure students have the highest standard of learning.
The College has two distinct Building Funds, both of which are fully tax deductible.

Today’s Fund – Your support will be directed towards improving the building facilities at SCOTS PGC College.  This support will be directed towards the transformation, refurbishment and maintenance of the College campus.

Future Fund – A generous donation from Foundation fellow, Mr John Muir, gave life to his vision for a Future Fund.  Designed with long-term financial security in mind, donations to the fund will be placed under strategic investment until such time as it reaches $ 2 million in value.  Growth generated through investment income will be used to support strategic school initiatives.  An investment base of $1million will be consistently retained to ensure the school’s important work can always continue regardless of the economic climate.

Donate Now

Thank you to all who have donated to the Building Fund