The SCOTS PGC College Foundation provides an independent funding source to support the school in advancing its strategic direction.

Through the raising and management of funds, we seek to make a difference to the lives of the boys and girls of SCOTS PGC today and to safeguard the school’s success for generations to come. For these reasons, we see our role as one of fostering a spirit of generosity by sharing with our community how we can make an impact and why philanthropy matters.

Our impact – today and tomorrow

We believe all success is interconnected with – and amplified by – others. That’s why garnering the support of our community, and channelling our collective power, is so important.

‘Together’ is how we make an immediate impact and a long-term difference

Your support – big or small – helps us to enhance and grow an exceptional learning environment. But it does more than that alone.

By teaming together to provide a transformative education, we’re able to affect transformational change far greater than ourselves. We’re able to help shape good people of great character, who will go on to make a difference within our communities and society at large. This is the cumulative impact of a great education and ultimately why we do, what we do.

Ways to give

There are many ways you can contribute to the SCOTS PGC College Foundation.

Regular Giving
Support the College through regular monthly giving at a level of your choice.

One-off gift
Provide a one-off gift to a cause you’re passionate about.

Major gifts
Make a significant contribution to the advancement of SCOTS PGC. Major gifts may include capital, property, shares or other assets.

Leave a lasting legacy and make a significant difference to the College, without affecting your financial circumstances, by including SCOTS PGC in your will.

How our funds work

The Foundation has three main funds, here’s how they work to support the College.

Building Fund
A gift to the building fund will help the College to realise its master plan and provide an exceptional environment for students, staff and our wider community to learn, connect and grow.

Future Fund
A generous donation from Foundation Fellow, Mr John Muir, gave life to his vision for a Future Fund. Designed with long-term financial security in mind, donations to the fund will be placed under strategic investment until such time as it reaches $2 million in value. Growth generated through investment income will be used to support strategic school initiatives. An investment base of $2 million will be consistently retained to ensure the school’s important work can always continue regardless of the economic climate.

Scholarship Fund
Made possible thanks to philanthropist Mr Brian Hawkins, the Scholarship Fund creates opportunities for young people to benefit from a SCOTS PGC education, fulfil their potential and contribute to the culture and diversity of our school. The aim of the fund is to generate a sustainable income stream that allows the school to, each year, award needs-based scholarships to ensure talented and deserving boys and girls can either attend or remain at our school.

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