The Betty Crombie Middle School Redevelopment

We are excited to share plans for the redevelopment of our Middle School Precinct.

Why Middle School?

The rejuvenation of the Middle School at SCOTS PGC has been an important goal for us as a College. We have intentionally remained a school that has three sub-schools as we believe that this best supports the learning and development of our students.

Over the last 3 years, we have seen 25-30% growth in our Middle School. This has implications for both our human and physical resources. We want to ensure that our learning spaces fully support our learning programs and the needs of our students at this age and stage of their development which is why this project has been chosen as a priority project within the overall College Masterplan.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in store:

Betty Crombie_Plan 1

Proposed External Works and Staging Plan

  • The addition of two new ‘learning pods’ which are referred to as General Learning Areas (GLAs) will be positioned on Oxenham Street on what is currently the vacant grassed area
  • The initial works will be completed in two stages

The introduction of the learning pods will feature a combination of flexible, general and specialist learning areas.  The specialist learning spaces will form part of our Future Learning Precinct for subjects such as Science, Agriculture, STEM and the Arts.

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