A Royal Honour

SCOTS PGC College is honoured to share the exciting news of our inclusion in a special commemorative publication ‘The Commonwealth at 75’.  Published by St James House, London, this prestigious publication will be an official commemorative hardback album marking the 75th Anniversary of the Commonwealth. The invitation was unexpected and indicated that our small College in Warwick is making a mark and being recognised internationally.

Of the 56 independent nations that make up the Commonwealth, we are very proud to be showcased as one of the Commonwealth’s leading educators.  We were informed that we are one of twelve educational institutions that will feature in the publication.

As you would expect, we asked ‘Why SCOTS PGC?’ We were humbled by the response.

The College has received attention for its high standard of teaching, dedication to the future, human dimension, and incredible living environment and of course the focus and impact SCOTS PGC College has when it comes to enriching regional, rural and local communities. 

We were also drawn to your inspiring history and incredible community focus. Your commitment to facilitating the development of sound educational judgment impacts and extends to the individual students it serves and larger society. This aligns with the Commonwealth’s long-term plan to serve communities and improve global education. 

 We feel you have a wealth of stories to share based on your rich foundation, heritage and continued inspired work within Agriculture, aligning with King Charles’s passion for farming, sustainability and conservation within his vision for the new Commonwealth. 

– Kian Husain Bor Partnerships Manager, St James’s House


SCOTS PGC has a proud historical connection with the royal family; our College Student Leaders and College Pipe and Drum Band wear the Cameron of Erracht kilt, the same tartan as worn by the late Queen’s Own Cameron Highland Regiment.

This is a unique opportunity for the College to be showcased internationally. We believe this opportunity is in recognition of the College’s work historically and, just as significantly, is in recognition of the Colleges’ recent growth and development and its unique current standing as a leader in Education, not only in our region and Australia but across the Commonwealth.

The publication will officially be launched later in 2024 at Westminster Abbey and we are very excited at the prospect of being able to take part in these momentous celebrations.