"Boarding at SCOTS PGC provides opportunities to thrive and flourish, instilling a growth mindset in each of our girls."

Linda Berry

Assistant to the Director of Girls' Boarding

Linda Berry is a devoted educator with two decades of experience in coeducational learning environments. Her dedication to education revolves around inspiring students not only to excel academically but also to explore a variety of interests, actively seek knowledge, and embrace opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Linda places a strong emphasis on cultivating positive relationships within both pastoral care and academic settings.

In her role as the Assistant to the Director of Boarding, Linda demonstrates exceptional care and interest in the wellbeing of all girls residing at the College’s boarding facilities. By residing on-site in the WRB residence, Linda actively immerses herself in the boarding community. This unique living arrangement not only allows Linda to cultivate stability in daily routines but also facilitates meaningful and regular conversations with our youngest boarders. Through this immersive experience, Linda ensures a supportive environment where she can connect on a personal level, addressing the unique needs and concerns of each student under her care.

“Boarding at SCOTS PGC provides opportunities to thrive and flourish, instilling a growth mindset in each of our girls.”

Before joining the College, Linda accumulated 12 years of valuable experience at St Peter’s Lutheran College, where she held diverse leadership roles. These roles included serving as the Head of Girls’ Sport, Year Level Coordinator, House Patron, and culminating in her role as House Coordinator leading Vertical Pastoral Care. Linda’s dedication also extends to her love for Humanities, which she continues to pursue in both Middle School and senior classes. Alongside her commitment to academic excellence, Linda possesses an ongoing interest in inspiring girls to engage regularly in sports as an integral aspect of their holistic wellbeing.